About Us



Our mission at All About Our Paws is to provide the best selection for you and your pets. We are a female owned business and true animal lovers. We have had pets our whole lives and understand the importance when it comes to shopping for them. But now, we're specifically selecting and designing the best products possible and selling it directly to you. ♥️

We truly believe in giving back so that is why we have teamed up with Shop for Good - at the end of each month we donate each sale to organizations in need - no cost to you. In our product descriptions you will notice the option to select from 18 different organizations - if none are selected by the customer during the transaction process it will randomly select an organization. We own rescue animals so we know how personally gratifying it is to have a business that allows us to be so charitable.

We love creating and designing so you will find that our "We Give Back Personalization" is all custom designed which makes it more personable and intimate for our brand. We wanted to be sure to create something unique but also universal. These pieces are super important to us because of them being custom designed with the inspiration of giving back and the representation of our brand. Overall, we love trendy and fashionable items that focus on you and your pet - we are always trying to find items that stand out and will be eye-catching.

Keep being pawsome, ❤️

XO, All About Our Paws Team